The inspection begins, in the case of a house, on the roof of the property with close inspection of the roof covering, guttering & vents.

Inspectors then examine the exterior of the dwelling including downpipes making note of any irregularities and faults. Fences, paths and retaining walls are checked for soundness with special attention being paid to pool fencing to ensure it meets current pool fencing regulations.  Comment is made on any drainage issues such as low spots with recommendations on how to improve stormwater run-off.  

The interior of the roof void is investigated with the inspector checking for cyclone tie downs, timber/steel sizing and general condition of the roof interior void including the presence of sarking and insulation.

A thorough inspection is carried out on every room including floors, doors, walls, ceilings, windows and robes or cupboards. All floors and timber surrounds such as architraves and skirting boards are tap tested for soundness with mention being made of any defects to floor coverings such as carpet and tiles. 

Wet areas and walls backing on to wet areas are tested with a moisture meter. The pressure relief valve on the hot water system is tested and the age, capacity and external condition of the unit noted.

A notation is made in the report as to the presence or absence of an Electrical Safety Switch and Smoke Detectors.  Property aspect, age and type of construction are also noted on the report.

Licensing & Insurance

To safeguard our valued clients we hold both Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurances

Our Inspectors are all licensed with the Queensland Building Services Authority

Our Inspections are carried out to the Australian Standards 4349.1-1995 and 4349.3-1998


We present our clients with a computer generated report which is easy to understand together with a personal follow up phone call from the inspector on the day of the inspection.   This enables our clients to obtain an understanding of the inspection results prior to receiving the hard report which we email, fax or mail within 24-48 hours.

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